Creating Positive Birthing Experiences

By focusing on the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of each participant.

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Hypnobirthing Australia

Now offering monthly group classes at the Peach Tree Centre, Mt Gravatt East

Group Classes are run over a weekend.
2 x 6 hour sessions | $595 / couple

Why Choose Hypnobirthing?

The Hypnobirthing Australia program is a unique and comprehensive antenatal education program catering to the needs of the birthing mother and her support team.  The program builds knowledge and uses techniques such as relaxation, self-hypnosis, breathing & movement for a safer, easier and gentle birth.

  • Experienced practitioner
  • Experience and education bundled into one package for parent-to-be and new parents
  • Offer ongoing mental and emotional support up to, at least, bub’s first birthday, if required.
  • Hypnotherapist
  • NLP life coach

How can Hypnotherapy help?

  • Build Confidence

  • Manage Depression

  • Anxiety Relief

  • Release Self Limiting Beliefs

  • Control Habits

  • Weight Loss

  • Stop Smoking

Lynne Gardner

Hypnobirthing Practitioner | Hypnotherapist | Registered nurse | Trained Midwife | Grad Cert Psychology

Hi, I’m Lynne. Welcome to Bump2one and the start of a new chapter of your life. I am looking forward to working with you and your support person/team to give you the resources required for the most positive birth possible. This includes whether you will be experiencing vaginal birth, caesarean and vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC).

I am a Hypnobirthing Practitioner Childbirth Educator (HPEC) certified by Hypnobirthing Australia. I am also a registered nurse and hypnotherapist with a background in midwifery and adult mental health. In addition, I am a mum who has experienced possibly the same anxiety, apprehension, and excitement that you may be feeling. My course gives you the resources required to build your own “tool kit” to overcome any feelings of anxiety and apprehension and create calm excitement. The tools can be applied before, during, and after birth to instil empowerment and confidence for you to really enjoy this time of your life.

I believe that birth is just the beginning of so many wonderful, yet sometimes challenging experiences. Fatigue and feelings of isolation can occur in the first few months after your baby/babies are born (I know this from my own experience of once having three children under age two – twin pregnancy second time around). That is why I offer tailor-made ongoing support for your mental and emotional wellbeing. I fully believe in the power of the mind and enjoy working with new parents to manage the rollercoaster ride of new parenting. This includes managing the lows and optimising the highs, so that you come out the other end with a big smile on your face.

How we have helped

Hypnobirthing gave us the confidence to know we were making the right decisions for us.

Thank you for such an informative session. My first experience giving birth was so traumatic that I was very anxious about the second baby until I had the classes. I now feel a lot more confident and really happy to have the resources at hand.

It has been great learning about the techniques. I felt that you really listened to me and now I feel so much more confident and excited about the birth.